Lenten Reflection on the 7 Last Words of Christ: Conclusion


Our Lord, in his last seven sayings provides a deep wellspring for our meditation. He lays out for us a deep insight into the 7 sacraments. When meditated on individually and then together as a whole they provide us with an opportunity to hear Christ speaking to us, to hear Him encouraging and showing us how to grow in our unique vocations. These 7 phrases invite us to enter more deeply into our relationship with our Lord and our relationship with others. For those who are married or are preparing for marriage, our Lord lays out a blueprint for what marriage is. He invites those who are married to reflect on their own marriage in light of His teaching and see how they can more fully live out the beautiful sacrament of marriage in their lives and in doing so journey towards eternal life. It is my prayer that as we this great Easter Season our Lord will enlighten our minds to the beautiful teachings contained in His last seven words.

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