6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

      The last time I was in Jerusalem, a few years ago, I did one of those things that as I look back on it now, I’m grateful I did it, but I can see how potentially stupid and dangerous it was. I had gotten to know this Armenian Christian, Lavonne, on a previous trip.… Continue reading 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

     A few years back, at another parish, I asked our 8th grade students right before Confirmation why they were Catholic and I just got a blank stare in response. I pressed them a little further by reminding them that they were about to be confirmed and thus they need to know why they are… Continue reading 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Catholic Schools Week 2020

     This morning we gather with our school community to celebrate Catholic schools’ week; a week to celebrate our school and to rededicate ourselves to Catholic education. There are allot of people out there who would ask why have a Catholic school. What is the purpose of school anyways? Parents why do you send your… Continue reading Catholic Schools Week 2020