2nd Sunday of Easter 2019

     While Catholicism is by far the largest religion in the United States[1], the second largest religion in our country is sadly fallen away Catholics.[2] The fastest growing religion in our country is a category on the census called the “nones;”[3] people who profess no faith at all. We all know the story. It has… Continue reading 2nd Sunday of Easter 2019

Villa Duchesne / City House 2019 Alumnae Homily

          Did you hear Jesus’ command in today’s Gospel? He commands His disciples to “come and have breakfast.” This command is the second shortest saying of Jesus in the Bible and personally one of my favorite passages. It’s one of my favorites not just because Jesus is telling us to eat, but because, while… Continue reading Villa Duchesne / City House 2019 Alumnae Homily

Villa Junior Ring Mass 2019

     While the earliest rings date back nearly 5,000 years to the Ancient Egyptians[1], the class ring is a modern invention that didn’t come into existence until 1835 when the graduating class at West Point decided to have rings made to commemorate their achievement and signify the brotherhood that would remain with them throughout… Continue reading Villa Junior Ring Mass 2019