Lenten Reflection on the 7 Last Words of Christ: “I am Thristy.”

thirstOur Lord continues His teaching on marriage with His saying “I am thirsty.” On a physical level a natural satiation is fulfilled in marriage. A purely natural sexual desire is consecrated through marriage and raised to the level of a sacred act. Out of this sacred act Christ blesses the couple by allowing them the opportunity to participate in his supreme power of creation by bringing  life into the world. Just as Christ thirsts on the cross for souls to bring them to eternal life so to a husband and wife thirst for each other to bring about life. Married couples not only bring new life into this world but also have the responsibility to lead that child to Christ and through Him to the Father. Just as Christ through His actions on the cross leads people to salvation, married couples must thirst for the salvation of each other and their children.

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