6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

      The last time I was in Jerusalem, a few years ago, I did one of those things that as I look back on it now, I’m grateful I did it, but I can see how potentially stupid and dangerous it was. I had gotten to know this Armenian Christian, Lavonne, on a previous trip.… Continue reading 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Catholic Schools Week 2020

     This morning we gather with our school community to celebrate Catholic schools’ week; a week to celebrate our school and to rededicate ourselves to Catholic education. There are allot of people out there who would ask why have a Catholic school. What is the purpose of school anyways? Parents why do you send your… Continue reading Catholic Schools Week 2020

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

     Did you ever watch the television show Doomsday Preppers? Neither have I, but for some reason Netflix thinks I should watch it because it’s the first thing that pops up when I log in. Apparently it documents these so called preppers, these people who think the end is about to come and so… Continue reading 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time