Christ the King Year C 2019

     The New York Times best-selling author and internationally acclaimed social researched, Angela Duckworth has spent her life studying successful people. Early on in her career, while she was still a middle school teacher, she became fascinated with the observation that some of her smartest students were under performing while other less gifted students… Continue reading Christ the King Year C 2019

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

     Did you ever watch the television show Doomsday Preppers? Neither have I, but for some reason Netflix thinks I should watch it because it’s the first thing that pops up when I log in. Apparently it documents these so called preppers, these people who think the end is about to come and so… Continue reading 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

     The other day I was talking with some friends who remarked that it seems like Halloween is dying out. They were lamenting that they didn’t have many trick or treaters visit them this year. Clearly, they have never been to Florissant before because I have never seen Halloween like they do it up here.… Continue reading 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

The seminary, where new priests are trained, is intended to be a very grueling period of formation. It’s a program that everyone goes through, but as you go through you are assigned to different formators who are responsible to take that program and craft it directly to you. It is calculated and thoroughly evaluated. The… Continue reading 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C (Stewardship Sunday)

     When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to be a grown up. As a kid, it just seemed that life would be better when I was finally an adult and then I hit my 18th birthday and it didn’t really mean anything. I thought well, maybe when I turn 21 then I’ll have made… Continue reading 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C (Stewardship Sunday)