Response to the terrorist attacks in Paris

Like all of you I am deeply shocked and saddened to see the reports of such a great tragedy in Paris. God is the author of life and so any action that takes innocent lives cannot be of God and is certainly not pleasing to God. Seeing this tragedy unfold I am reminded that “pain invites us to have recourse to Him who alone can restore peace and give Himself to us.”[1] I am deeply saddened to see the violent response of a radical extremists and I ask you to join me in praying firstly for peace, for the victims of this heinous attack, for Parisians and the city of Paris. May our Lady and St. Denis bring comfort and peace to Paris and swift justice for all those people and organizations that supported these attacks.

[1] Garrigou-LeGrange, Reginald O.P. Everlasting Life. Rockford: Tan Publishing.(1952). Pg. 31.

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