Response to Incident in Ferguson

Protesters gesture as they stand in a street in defiance of a midnight curfew in Ferguson        Like all of you I do not know what happened at that scene but as I have seen the events unfold I am reminded of just how precious life is. I am reminded with the great theologian Garrigou-LeGrange, that “pain invites us to have recourse to Him who alone can restore peace and give Himself to us.”[1] I do not know what happened but I do know life is precious and regardless of what happened I am deeply sadden to see the violent response of a few people and I ask you to join me in praying firstly for peace, for Michael Brown and his family, for Officer Wilson and his family, for the City of Ferguson and our entire community and I ask you to join me in entrusting Ferguson and all those involved in this case to Our Blessed Mother with the sure and certain hope that peace and justice may once again come to our community.

[1] Garrigou-LeGrange, Reginald O.P. Everlasting Life. Rockford: Tan Publishing.(1952). Pg. 31.

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